Factory Transports System Diagrams

System # System Description Hyd. Diagrams Elect. Diagrams
AP44297 Room Control System 2-ULO slide-outs
1- AP36692 Power Unit
2- AP44299 ULO Kit w/ AP40753 and AP40754 Mechanisms
MP70129A-B MP903070
AP44870 Room Control System 3-ULO and 1-USO slide-outs
1- AP39434 Power Unit
3- AP44299 ULO Kit w/ AP40753 and AP40754 Mechanisms
1- AP44688 USO Kit w/ AP38251 and AP38252 Mechanisms
MP70168A-D MP903610
AP47481 Room Control System 1-USO slide-out
1- AP40380 Power Unit
1- USO kit – Mechanisms vary
MP70331 MP905460
AP49348 Room Control System HP 2-USO slide-outs
1- AP49007 Power Unit
2- AP49350 USO Kit w/ AP39182 and AP39183 Mechanisms
MP70484A-B MP907220
No Number Room Control System HP 1-USO slide-outs
1- AP53482 Power Unit
1- AP56413 USO Kit w/ AP43166 and AP43167 Mechanisms
1- AP56416 Panel / Harness / NMOM Kit
MP70990 MP91219A-B