Warranty Adjustment Procedures thru Coach Owners for HWH® RV Leveling Equipment
(Please read before applying for warranty.) (ml40486.pdf)

Warranty Adjustment Procedures thru Servicing Dealers for HWH® RV Leveling Equipment
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Explanation of HWH Flat Rate Times (mi9577.pdf)

Apply for Warranty:

1. Using the right mouse button, click on this file ► dealerrga.xls (Microsoft® Excel® File)

2. Select "Save target as…"

3. Fill out form, attach it to your email, and send it to service@hwh.com.

Warranty Questions

What is the warranty on my system?

The current warranty, for an aftermarket system, is one year for parts and labor. You must have prior authorization from HWH before getting warranty service. For manufacturer installed leveling and slide-out systems, check with your coach manufacturer for specific warranties.

Can the warranty be transferred if I sell my unit?

No, the warranty is not transferable.

I couldn't find the serial numbers on my jacks. If I don't put the numbers on my warranty card, will that void my warranty?


When my system goes out of warranty, what is the best way to get repairs done on my system?

There are many dealers that will service HWH equipment. This link can help you find a dealer: ml55894_03.html.

HWH does NOT have "Certified" dealers or technicians nor can HWH control labor or parts pricing at dealerships. It is a good idea to get an estimate for repairs. HWH can give you a suggested retail price for a part. You should resolve any pricing questions before the repair is complete. HWH does offer remanufactured parts when available and also will repair most parts if they are sent to HWH. (See "Repair Parts Questions", questions 58 thru 63.) Also, HWH systems have assemblies that normally do not have to be replaced as a complete assembly, for example one of the straight-acting leveling jacks is leaking. The complete jack does not have to be replaced; only the cylinder needs to be replaced or repaired. If you have questions, you can contact HWH several different ways through this link: web1007_contact_us.html

Do you cover excess labor for accessibility or clean up?

HWH does not warrant cleaning compartment, subsequent damage or accessibility to HWH equipment. HWH allows time to clean oil from HWH slide-out equipment. This is a link to warranty information: ml44100b0_warranty.pdf

Does HWH cover Next-Day-Air freight?

Normally HWH does not cover next-day-air freight charges. (Covering next-day-air can be considered on an individual basis.) This is a link to warranty information. ml44100b0_warranty.pdf

My windshield broke while I was using my leveling system. Do you replace my windshield?

HWH does not cover windshield damage. Contact the coach manufacturer for assistance.

Can I perform warranty repairs on my HWH equipment?

Yes, but you must follow our warranty guidelines. Go to ml44100b0_warranty.pdf for warranty procedures.