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This section is meant as an educational aid and does not constitute complete technical training, if you have any questions or need clarification please email us.

IMPORTANT: Due to changes and advances in technology and system development, information in some of the lessons may not be accurate for equipment or system programs that are currently in use or were developed after the time these lessons were written. Information contained in these lessons is accurate for equipment in use at the time the lessons were written. Answer test questions according to information contained in the lessons, not according to information that has been obtained about present equipment and systems.

Required Software:

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Certificates of Completion:

Certificates of completion of a lesson can be provided upon request. There is an individual certificate issued for each completed, qualifying lesson. Certificates will only be issued if the lesson has a test and the test is completed and then reviewed by HWH. IMPORTANT: Because these are open book tests, you must score at least 85 percent to receive a certificate. Questions that require multiple answers will count as 1. Everyone taking a test will receive a review of the test. If you do not score 85 percent, you will be informed of the questions missed and will be allowed to redo those questions to receive a passing score. You must make an attempt to answer all missed questions correctly.

ALL QUESTIONS ON THE TEST CAN BE ANSWERED CORRECTLY BY REVIEWING THE LESSONS. If you don't understand a question, feel free to contact us at We will answer your question as soon as we can. Take your time and read the questions carefully. Refer back to the lessons when necessary. Lessons with tests are noted on this directory. Certificate hours allowed for the lesson are also noted. Your full name, company of employment and a complete mailing address are needed to issue a certificate.